Engineering with Dr Anne Nortcliffe

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Join Dr Anne Nortcliffe as she poses the question “How can engineers make a smarter toaster?” in a series of episodes that culminate in an interactive and absorbing Subject Spotlight focussed on Engineering.

What to expect

Introduction to control engineering at CCCU
What is control and who does it have an impact on?
What do instrumentation and actuators look like?
Introduction to PID control
What have CCCU students learnt throughout the spotlight?

Meet the academic

Dr Anne Nortcliffe is the new-founding head of the School of Engineering, Technology and Design at Canterbury Christ Church University. A passionate engineering educator developing the next inclusive pipeline of industry ready engineering graduates, Anne has a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield and a Welcome PLC Scholarship MSc in Control Engineering at University of Bradford/Universidad de Valladolid. Anne went on to have graduate employment in industry in AI and later in post doctoral employment. As an academic, Anne has had a varied career in engineering and computing departments leading computing networking, aerospace engineering, and food engineering education and research activities. In 2017, Anne joined Canterbury Christ Church University to design and create brand new diverse and inclusive engineering education provision. In 2021 Anne was awarded the Executive Leader of Year 2021 Engineering Talent Awards for her endeavours.