Psychology with Dr Jon Silas & Dr David Westley

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Join Jon Silas and David Westley as they present the question: Why do we need other people?

What to expect

What makes us social?
Our rains and the brains of others
How do we differ at how social we are?
Emotional systems
Kindness Is good for your health

Meet the academic

Dr Jon Silas is a senior lecturer at Middlesex University Psychology department. His interests are in Cognitive Neuroscience – his research uses neuroimaging and stimulation devices to better elucidate the functional role of brain activation in thought, perception, and movement. Jon is co-founder of the Jones, Silas & Ward Laboratory at Middlesex that has secured multiple grants that have funded research programmes aimed at better understanding the brain and cognition. Jon publishes in internationally recognised scientific journals and is committed to public engagement of science through blogs, residencies, and public talks.