Economics with Dr Marianna Koli

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Join Dr Marianna Koli as she poses the question “Why are some countries poor?” in a series of episodes that culminate in a fascinating and topical Subject Spotlight focussed on Economics. She will be looking at global inequality, who is responsible for that, the uneven distribution of Covid-19 vaccines during the recent pandemic, and the impact of the pandemic on the global economy.

What to expect

Part 1: Introduction to economics at NCH
Part 2: Why are some countries poor?
Part 3: Who is responsible for global inequality?
Part 4: Why is it so difficult to get vaccines to some countries?
Part 5: Quiz

Meet the academic

Dr. Marianna Koli is the Dean for Education in Business and Economics for NCH London, the London campus for the Boston-based Northeastern University. She was a member of NCH's Founding Faculty in 2012, and has led the design of a number of programmes across the disciplines of Economics and Business. Her international experience includes a stint as a United Nations economist in Mexico City and service as External Examiner for university-level programmes taught in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, and Nigeria. She has appeared as a current affairs commentator on the BBC and CNN.