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The Animal Skeletal System
The Muscles of a Horse
How To Stretch a Horse
Veterinary Science
Claire Styles
the University of Surrey
Writtle University College
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Join Claire Styles and the team at Writtle University College as they teach you an introduction to veterinary physiotherapy. You'll learn key terminology about the study of anatomy, learn why anatomy study forms one of the building blocks of study within the veterinary physiotherapy degree followed by learning the muscles involved in shoulder movement of the horse, and observe our current students being taught the correct technique on how to stretch a horse's limbs, effectively and safely. These are key skills you will need as a veterinary physiotherapist, and it will give you an insight into some of what you'll be doing when you join the course at Writtle. Whilst this Subject Spotlight is focused on the horse please do also note that the course teaches students on both horses and dogs on a 50:50 ratio.

Claire Styles
Writtle University College
Veterinary Science

Writtle University College

Writtle University College is a specialist education facility founded in 1893 that offers courses in land, animal and sport based subjects. The university college is located in the village of Writtle just outside of the city of Chelmsford, Essex. Writtle features a countryside estate, spanning around 150 hectares with a wide range of facilities including a working farm, equine development and training centre, canine therapy unit, pet behaviour and training centre, and a new centre for sport and health amongst many others.

Writtle offers a supportive environment where students are taught in small cohorts. With around 400 rooms for over 18s on campus, it provides an ideal place to live, study and socialise.

Meet the academic

Claire Styles

Claire Styles is Senior Lecturer for Veterinary Physiotherapy and Equine therapy at Writtle University College, and also Course Manager for MVetPhys Veterinary Physiotherapy (UG) and BSc (Hons) Animal Therapy. Claire has been riding for over 25 years and working in the equine industry in various jobs for the last 13 years. She has been running her therapy business since early 2011, which she continues to do alongside her lecturing work.

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Writtle University College
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