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About this Subject Spotlight

Offender Profiling: Who did it? Join Dr Laura Adnum as she provides a fascinating insight into offender profiling - what it means, why it is important in solving crime, the psychology of offender profiling and its impact on the industry.

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Criminology (BA) Hons at Liverpool Hope University

Crime and how to deal with it are amongst the most significant and contentious issues of our time, so it’s vital that we understand this subject. Criminology is the study of crime, its causes and effects, and what we do about it. At Liverpool Hope University, you will study how crime is defined and who defines it, why some people commit offences, and what happens to those who commit crimes if they are caught.

Criminology also studies the impact of the various agencies and organisations that deal with crime: the police, the courts, the probation and prison services, as well as the role of the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office. Studying Criminology enables you to focus on questions such as ‘is criminal behaviour learned or inherited?’, ‘why are some actions defined as criminal and not others?’ and ‘what is the purpose of punishment and to what extent does it deter criminal behaviour?’

Criminology is a well-established degree at Liverpool Hope University and is taught by staff with considerable experience at national and international level. Several key criminological textbooks are written by members of the School. The Criminology team is enthusiastic and dedicated and will help you to get the most out of your degree. Criminology is heavily focused on justice - how it is delivered, to whom, by whom and whether or not it is effective. This reflects Liverpool Hope’s commitment to social justice both nationally and internationally.

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