Dr Marianna Koli
the University of Surrey
Northeastern University London

Northeastern University London

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About this Subject Spotlight

Join Dr Marianna Koli as she poses the question “Why are some countries poor?” in a series of episodes that culminate in a fascinating and topical Subject Spotlight focussed on Economics. She will be looking at global inequality, who is responsible for that, the uneven distribution of Covid-19 vaccines during the recent pandemic, and the impact of the pandemic on the global economy.

This Subject Spotlight has some supporting documentation, which you can download here

BA Economics at Northeastern University London

Studying economics brings an understanding of how politics, culture and society operate, and at Northeastern University London, students will have a focus on professional development to prepare for life after graduation. You can earn your combined honours degree with economics in an environment focused on comprehensive learning and academic challenges, right in the heart of London.

The Economics major at NU London has a three-pronged goal centered around thinking critically about economic theory, developing quantitative thinking skills and gaining an understanding of how geographic and social factors influence the larger economic infrastructures. You will augment your Economics major with a complementary minor subject, allowing personal interest to dictate your educational path.

Northeastern University London
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