English Literature and Creative Writing
Professor John Holmes
the University of Surrey
University of Birmingham

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About this Subject Spotlight

Join Professor John Holmes as he looks at developing skills within English Literature, thinks about how you read, and explores the notion of expanding consciousness, with a focus on literature and diversity. He also considers literature and the environment, discussing how studying literature can help us to think through major global issues, before offering a deep dive into Shakespeare. Here, John explores the different ways in which an English degree might help you understand and enjoy a specific author.

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English Literature at University of Birmingham

Studying an undergraduate English degree at the University of Birmingham will enable you to explore past and present cultures and societies, through a wide range of perspectives and in a variety of different literary genres.

The internationally renowned academic staff at Birmingham offer a huge range of literary specialisms across the full historical range to the present day. The degree offers you an exciting core programme in English Literature, while also giving you the opportunity to explore pathways in the closely related fields of Creative Writing, Film Studies and English Language. You will have access to unparalleled resources for the study of Shakespeare, through the world leading Shakespeare Institute, not only looking at the poetry and plays of Shakespeare himself, but how these works have been interpreted, reworked and reimagined by diverse audiences.

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