Law with Professor Thom Brooks

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Can you imagine a world without law? Is it obvious what constitutes a crime? Law is a system of rules created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behaviour. Law is fundamental in society. Law is the “art of justice.”

What to expect

Episode 1: An Introduction to Law at Durham
Episode 2: The Constitution
Episode 3: Criminal Law
Episode 4: Legal Philosophy
Episode 5: Environmental Law

Meet the academic

Thom Brooks is an award-winning author, columnist, policy advisor and public speaker. He is Professor of Law and Government at Durham Law School where he was the inaugural and longest serving Dean 2016-21, as well as an Associate Member of Durham University's Philosophy Department and School of Government & International Affairs. Brooks appears frequently on television, radio and in print media as a highly sought after commentator and expert. His general research interests are in ethics, law and public policy.