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Dr Anne Nortcliffe
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Canterbury Christ Church University

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Join Dr Anne Nortcliffe as she poses the question “How can engineers make a smarter toaster?” in a series of episodes that culminate in an interactive and absorbing Subject Spotlight focussed on Engineering.

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BEng General Engineering at Canterbury Christ Church University

If you want to work at the cutting-edge of engineering, developing and designing the components and machinery used in manufacturing, construction and other industries, then this is the course for you.

You’ll use the pioneering CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate) approach to problem-solve mechanical engineering issues. The CDIO approach is an international engineering education model, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It allows you to learn in a practical, hands-on way to find creative, evaluated solutions to industry related engineering challenges. We are one of only a handful of universities in the UK to offer CDIO.

The course offers you real-world application of science, technology and maths, where you'll take genuine problems proposed by the industry and apply your practical skills and technical knowledge to solve them, working with engineering experts along the way.

On completion of the course you'll be skilled in professional engineering practice and prepared to work as an effective, industry-ready engineer who is on track to become an Incorporated Engineer.

Canterbury Christ Church University
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