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About this Subject Spotlight

Join Lucy Dunne from Liverpool Hope University as she takes you through the foundations of making a Primary School Teacher. Lucy will outline what makes a great teacher, looking at key qualities and strategies that help a good teacher excel. Lucy also looks at how a teacher can help a pupil achieve, considering their learning environment and their relationships with their peers. Lucy will also talk you through some of the key learning needs that you may encounter in a classroom, and how an effective teacher adapts their learning, all before setting you a lesson planning activity that asks you to cater a lesson for all abilities!

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Primary Education at Liverpool Hope University

The Primary Education BA (Hons) course at Liverpool Hope University is a three year teacher training course culminating in a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) qualification. Across your studies, you will deepen your knowledge, hone your skills and develop the understanding required to become an outstanding Primary School Teacher. 

In your first year, you will be introduced to the idea of “The Hope Teacher”, looking at personal development and gain an understanding of what makes a great teacher. You will begin to cover subjects as outlined in the National Curriculum, and cover predominant theories of learning. You will also undertake a six week placement in a school at one of Liverpool Hope University’s partnering schools, getting the essential first-hand experience to develop your teaching skills. 

In your second year, you will look at important factors of learning processes, such as SEND. You will continue to broaden your subject knowledge, and develop your lesson-planning skills and subject specific strategies for organisation and management. You will also begin to consider your specialist subject area including English, Maths, Science, Music, SEND, Early Years and more. You will undertake another six-week placement which will continue to hone your skills and cover more intermediate topics.

 Finally, in your third year, you will bring together all of the knowledge you’ve learned and explore in greater detail the critical role that educators play in the lives of children. You will cover the importance of fostering creativity and positive relationships in the classroom, continue to develop your area of specialism before finally embarking on a ten-week placement to prepare you for the world of work.

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