Social Work, Childhood and Youth Studies
Jess Grace Jackson
the University of Surrey
University of Derby

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About this Subject Spotlight

Join Jess Grace Jackson as she delivers a powerful Spotlight on understanding displaced people, thinking specifically about the needs and vulnerabilities of displaced people and the role of social work in helping people who have encountered such hardship. Jess identifies the difference between a refugee and an asylum seeker, looks at the recent crisis in Ukraine and poses a scenario based activity involving an Afghani family, and the moral and legal implications of their case.

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BA (Hons) Applied Social Work at University of Derby

This course at the University of Derby gives you the opportunity to qualify as a social worker for one of the most challenging and rewarding careers of all. You’ll meet high professional standards and gain invaluable experience on substantial work placements. This applied course paves the way for you to register and practise as a qualified social worker, reaching out to help people from many different backgrounds to assess and tackle their problems.

This course prepares you to work as a confident, caring and highly skilled social worker in a variety of settings. This wide-ranging course equips you with the skills, knowledge and theories you need to make a difference from day one in your role. Becoming a social worker will challenge you in ways few other careers ever will. You need resilience and flexibility to manage complex cases, but the rewards are immense as you make a genuine difference to people’s lives.

Your role could involve supporting young people who need protection, homeless children and adults, people with mental health problems, teenagers in care, or people with drug or alcohol dependency. On this course you will learn how to form effective partnerships with individuals, families and other professionals and will become skilled in assessing, interpreting and addressing people’s individual problems. The emphasis at the University of Derby is on helping you to develop empowering, supportive and focused solutions to those problems.

Because this course is approved and accredited by Social Work England, you will be working to the standards set out by the regulatory body for Social Workers, giving you the ideal preparation for real workplace environments. Plus, when you graduate, you'll be able to register with Social Work England to practise as a qualified social worker, as long as you meet their requirements. This course features substantial periods of work placement so that you can apply the theory you are learning to practice. You will have 80 days of placement during stage two and 90 days of placement in stage three, all providing you with effective, practical and meaningful experience which will stand you in good stead for your future career.

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