Food Science and Nutrition
Dr Jonathan Brown
Dr Adam Collins
the University of Surrey
The University of Surrey

The University of Surrey

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About this Subject Spotlight

Join Dr Adam Collins and Dr Jonathan Brown as they consider the much pondered question: what is the perfect diet? They explore what good and bad fads are, consider those experts in the know (educated idiots vs those who know) and discuss both vegan and vegetarian alternatives. Both Adam and Jonathan also pose an activity for you to engage in that will surely change your perception of the perfect diet forever!

This Subject Spotlight has some supporting documentation, which you can download here

Food Science and Nutrition at University of Surrey

Food Science and Nutrition BSc (Hons)

Food science is a multidisciplinary subject that applies biology and chemistry to the study of food. In your first year, you’ll study a broad range of topics, including food science and nutrition, to give you a solid foundation upon which to build the rest of your degree.  

In your second year, you’ll develop your understanding of what happens to the components of food during processing and storage. You'll gain an understanding of the role of food microbiology and how safe, nutritious food can be produced. You’ll acquire an appreciation for the functionality of ingredients used in foods, while exploring the basis of nutrition and the role this has on aetiology and prevention of key disorders, such as cancer.  

In your third year, you’ll have the choice to specialise further, studying topics like food chemistry to continue to evaluate the role of natural and added components in the foods we eat. You will also gain a more in-depth understanding of the technologies used to produce safe and nutritious foods as well as the importance of food security. You’ll also advance your knowledge of the role of nutrition in illnesses like cardiovascular disease.

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