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Join Dr Rose Wallis as she explores how we can use the past to evaluate society today, focusing on the UK's history of Youth Criminal Justice. She explains how we can use court records to learn about the lives of ordinary people, and how experiences of Criminal Justice deeply impact lives both in the past and today.

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History at University of the West of England Bristol

Study the history of Britain, Europe, America, Asia and Africa on this BA(Hons) history degree and develop valuable skills and a sense of enquiry that you can apply to both the past and the present.

History isn't just about facts. It's about the human experience in all its diversity. It's also about acquiring a sense of enquiry, which will sustain you during and after your studies. History is a long-established discipline, much respected by employers because of the critical skills it gives you, and understanding the past equips us to engage more intelligently with the present and to play a more valuable and informed part in society, whatever career path you decide to follow.

BA(Hons) History at UWE will show you how to interrogate the past and expand your knowledge through challenging academic study. The staff at UWE are passionate about teaching and research. They'll help you deepen your historical knowledge and develop your critical thinking. Besides traditional forms of assessment such as essays, you'll have the opportunity to build practical skills, using software and editing tools, to make your own films, documentaries and websites.

You will study a broad spectrum of history, working on individual and group research projects, and gain skills and experience that will help you succeed in your studies and in your chosen career. In your third year, you could negotiate a work placement with a local cultural provider, spending six months gaining real-world skills, experience and contacts. There are shorter placement opportunities too, and projects with heritage organisations. Focusing on the avenues that most interest you, through your modules and assessments, you'll graduate well equipped to pursue diverse careers.

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