Veterinary Medicine
Lauren Hunt
the University of Surrey
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About this Subject Spotlight

Join Lauren Hunt as she poses the question “Is it just humans that benefit from rehabilitation?” in a series of episodes that culminate in a totally original and exciting Subject Spotlight focussed on Canine Therapy.

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BSc Canine Therapy at Writtle University College

This programme provides a balance of vocational and academic study that is intellectually challenging, vocationally relevant and provides clear foundations to pursue a progressive career in the field of Canine Therapy, equipping students with abilities and knowledge relevant to potential employment or the need of their employers.

This course produces highly qualified practitioners specialised in various aspects of canine therapy (hydrotherapy, massage therapy). These are popular disciplines within the industry and students will acquire basic skills, enabling them to pursue a career in any of these fields. The course promotes knowledge of the canine both in health and disease, helps you understand normal and abnormal movement patterns in the dog that could cause elicit pain, enables you to compile structured care plans for injured or post-operative animals, and demonstrate the skills needed to run a business and interact with other professionals, such as a veterinary surgeon or trainer, amongst much more.

The BSc Canine Therapy is a '2-in-1' qualification as it embeds the relevant vocational award, and got its AHPR accreditation in 2018.

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