Social Work, Childhood and Youth Studies
Trevor Cotterill
the University of Surrey
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About this Subject Spotlight

Join Trevor Cotterill as he looks beyond the labels when considering Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), thinking about how we use labels and categories when identifying SEND, the issues surrounding the notion of inclusion, and an introduction to the complexities associated with identifying the characteristics of autism. Trevor also poses two case studies relating to autism and challenges you to apply your understanding of the topics covered in this Subject Spotlight.

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Special Educational Needs & Disability at University of Derby

On this Special Educational Needs & Disability BA (Hons) degree you will develop practical, professional and intellectual skills to prepare for a future in fields like family liaison, inclusion support, teaching assistance, mentoring, adult education, therapeutic services and careers services.

This distinctive degree paves the way to some of the most rewarding, inspiring and satisfying careers of all – working in special educational needs and disability support. Ranked in the Top 30 in the Guardian University Guide 2022, this course prepares for roles where you can make a genuine difference and helps build an in-depth understanding of the theories, factors and contexts for special educational needs and disability (SEND). The three underpinning themes in this course are research, impact on individuals and practice-based interventions.

You can undertake work placements to develop your practical, professional and intellectual skills, learn from experts in the fields of education, health, psychology and social work to gain real insights into professional life, and chart your future direction at a university with a strong track record for employability.

On this course you’ll build the skills and knowledge to support children and adults with diverse needs, such as specific learning difficulties, physical disabilities, behavioural problems and sensory impairments. Throughout the course the University of Derby place a strong focus on real world learning. To ensure that you’re ‘career ready’ when you graduate, you’ll learn a range of practical techniques in working with individuals both inside and outside the classroom.

97% of students said they were satisfied with the teaching on this course in the National Student Survey 2022.

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